Creative Community Incubator in the Heart of Nature

An ecosystem to support and empower talents in the Creative Economy to achieve sustainable development.


LIV-INC means work/life incorporated, everyone wants to live a life that is worth living thus everyone should have a story that is worth telling.

If you are gifted with a creative talent, all you have to do is to register at our Creative LIVINC platform to become one of the first free to join members*.

*Terms of approval apply. 

We offer a sustainable ecosystem for local talents and entrepreneurs. Through building a physical and virtual spaces for networking, mentorship and education, all topped up with lively and fun activities achieving the “Work/Life Blend”.

1- A chance to pitch for creative projects and commissions 
2- A chance to showcase products and services at LIVINC channels
3- Access to free and paid programs at LIVINC such as mentorship
4- Utilize LIVINC venues for workshops and content production
5- Access to networking and think tank events 
6- Benefit from the shared services at corporate rates
7- LIVINC venues rental at discounted rates

Only for workshops, value focused programs and corporate retreats, LIVINC has a rental service with turnkey event solution.
Unfortunately LIVINC is not available for personal and social events

x Entertainment place.
x Family retreat.
x Kids playground.
x Solving the world's problems.
x Everything for everyone.
x Charitable institution.


A life worth living, a story worth telling.


We are straight forward from Amman, easily accessible through main roads, watch this video to see a roadmap time lapse.

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